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When Is the Right Time?

Man with a toothache

Is something wrong with your smile?

Are you behind on your dental care? How do you know when something can wait or whether or not it’s time to schedule an appointment and let us have a look? Here are a few important things to keep in mind and how they relate to professional dental care.

Your Medical History

Medical conditions and medications can impact many different aspects of your mouth. For instance, if you use an albuterol inhaler, you’re much more likely to exhibit signs of erosion on your tooth enamel. Patients with eating disorders need professional oral care on a regular basis as well. Just about everything in our bodies is somehow related back to the health and integrity of our teeth.

Recurrence of Dental Problems

Bacteria can cause cavities to spread tooth to tooth. If you’ve had a history of multiple cavities (and your diet isn’t all that great), then you’re predisposed to having more cavities pop up later. Visiting us every six months to examine your teeth will help us pinpoint areas of concern before they become problematic.

Something Isn’t Going Away

If you’re experiencing some type of dental sensitivity, gingivitis or sore inside of your mouth that does not go away within two weeks (or keeps coming back), visit us right away. Even if it doesn’t hurt, something more serious could be causing the problem that you’re trying to treat on your own.

Signs of Disease

Most forms of gingivitis can be reversed within two weeks of dedicated, daily home care. If bleeding gums, swelling, mouth sores or tooth mobility is present, it is essential that you seek out professional dental care. Even if it is something minor, we can help you avoid future complications.

Most healthy adults should have a dental check-up every six months to keep their mouths clean and minimize the amount of dental treatment that they need. People with more significant health problems need to be seen more frequently. If it’s been longer than it should since your last dental visit, today is the day to take action!

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