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Prevent Wear and Tear

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Are you subconsciously gritting or clenching your teeth together?

Chronic clenching and grinding of the teeth is referred to as bruxism. Most people experience bruxism when they sleep or are experiencing high levels of stress throughout the day. As a result, their teeth begin to wear down prematurely.

If bruxism isn’t stopped, it can:

  • Cause existing dental restorations to break
  • Fracture healthy tooth enamel
  • Lead to gum recession and fractures near the gumlines
  • Result in extensive treatment needs
  • Develop into TMJ disorders
  • Cause headaches

Preventing Tooth Wear and Damage

Thankfully, there’s an easy way for us to prevent irreversible damage to your teeth that is caused by grinding. To prevent the forces on your teeth, TMJ and muscles we can make a custom-fitted bite splint that snaps on over your teeth. This guard creates a small amount of space between the upper and lower teeth, preventing tooth wear and muscle clenching in the jaws.

Investing in a bite splint or night guard is one of the best pieces of insurance that you can have for your smile. Not only does it prevent teeth and restorations from breaking, it keeps your smile looking the age that it’s supposed to. Otherwise continued wear will make teeth flattened, sensitive, and leave you with more headaches than you would prefer.

Don’t Wait

Schedule an appointment to talk to us about having a bite splint made. Start seeing results right away. All that is needed is a bite assessment and an impression. In just a couple of days your custom bite splint can be ready to wear, giving you instant relief the very first day.

Don’t put it off any longer … if you suspect that you are clenching your teeth have your smile examined right away. You won’t regret it!

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