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Should You Fix a Baby Tooth Cavity?

Child sitting in dental chair.
As your family’s partner in oral health, our team understands the importance of nurturing healthy smiles from a young age. When it comes to addressing baby tooth cavities, parents often wonder whether intervention is necessary.

If you find yourself in this position with your little one, here’s the best approach to take.

Understanding Baby Tooth Cavities

Baby tooth cavities, also known as early childhood caries, can affect children of all ages.
Timely intervention for baby tooth cavities is crucial in preventing further deterioration and potential discomfort for your child. By addressing cavities promptly, parents can instill positive dental habits and ensure their child’s well-being, laying a solid foundation for optimal oral health.

Whether you can see a cavity in your child’s mouth, or you’re worried they might have one, we always recommend booking a visit with us.

Embracing Preventive Measures

While the needs of each child are unique, we may recommend one of the following options to help protect their smile from future decay:

  • Dental Filling: We may recommend a dental filling to remove the decay and restore the tooth with a suitable filling material to prevent further damage and maintain proper function.
  • Extraction (in certain cases): If the baby tooth is severely decayed and poses a risk of infection to the surrounding teeth or tissues, extraction may be considered to prevent complications.
  • Fluoride Treatment: Application of fluoride to the affected tooth may be recommended to strengthen the enamel and prevent further decay.

Book Your Child’s Dental Visit Today

It’s your dentist’s goal to help your family smile big for years to come. If you suspect your child may have a cavity, or if it’s simply time for their six-month checkup, contact their practice today to book a visit.

We look forward to seeing you in the practice soon.

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