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We Want You to Be Comfortable

We will make every effort to help you feel comfortable and relaxed during your exam.

Despite our best oral hygiene efforts, cavities still sometimes happen. If you’ve never had a cavity before and need a filling here’s what you might experience during your first filling appointment.

Getting Comfortable

The first step is making sure you are comfortable. We will anestheti[z]e the area around the tooth to prevent any sensitivity. Some people experience a slight pinching sensation during the injection. You can also request nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help feel more relaxed.

Having the Tooth Prepped

Next, we need to remove the decayed tooth surfaces as well as shape the area so that it can support the filling. You may feel some bumpiness and hear a high-pitched noise while we do this, but rest assured we are keeping it as minimally invasive as possible.

Placing the Filling

We will match your tooth using a shade guide to determine what col[o]r restorative material blends the best against your tooth. Then we select the appropriate mixture and apply it to your tooth, filling in the area that has been shaped to hold the restoration. The material is made to become flush against the pores of your tooth surface, securing it into place as best as possible.

Curing the Restoration

Finally, a bright light is used to cure the filling in place, bonding it permanently into place. This transforms the material from a soft mixture to a hard restoration that withstands everyday use.

Rx for Recovery

It can take a few hours for your numbing medication to wear off. Most people also report some mild soreness at the injection site, but an over-the-counter pain reliever is usually all that is needed. Your tooth may be slightly sensitive until it adjusts to the changes made in the tooth structure as well.

Fillings are everyday restorations that just about everyone experiences in their lifetime. Most take only an hour or less to complete from start to finish. We’re confident that you’ll be comfortable and you’ll do great!

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