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A Healthier You — It’s in the Bag

What bag you ask? Your lunch bag.

healthy packed lunch

What’s in your lunch box? Is it keeping your mouth and body healthy?

Choosing the right foods, snacks and drinks every day will impact the strength of your tooth enamel, gum health and your body’s ability to fight off disease. Here are some tips on what to fill your family’s lunch bags with.

Water — the Clear Choice

While fruit juice and other sugary drinks are often favorites, pack water instead. Water keeps your mouth lubricated, washes away bacteria and won’t put you at an increased risk of decay the way other sweetened beverages can.

Eat Your Veggies – and Fruits

Crispy fruits and vegetables are full of fiber and actually clean your teeth as you chew them. They also stimulate your gum tissues, which improves circulation. This is a great idea if your child has signs of gingivitis or a loose tooth that they need to be working on getting out.

Cheese Please

Hard cheeses can neutralize acid levels inside of the mouth when they are eaten. The extra calcium also helps strengthen tooth and bone development. Although yogurt may have some of the same benefits, it isn’t shown to be as effective as cheese is on your teeth (plus most packaged yogurts contain sugar or artificial sweeteners which may counteract the process).

A Nutty Idea

Nuts are loaded with nutrients that help you fight off disease and get the natural fatty acids that your body needs for a stronger immune system.

Pack a Fish Wich

Try packing a sandwich made from tuna or salmon. Fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are great for brain function, the immune system, and combatting oral health problems like periodontal disease.

Think about what you pack in your lunch bag, and remember to keep your regularly scheduled checkups with us so we can help you maintain a healthy smile.

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