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Tooth Fairy Celebrations Around the World

Child with missing tooth.

While many of us grew up (and even continue the tradition with our own children) placing lost teeth under our pillows at night and waking to find a dollar bill or gift in its place, did you know that isn’t how everyone celebrates losing a tooth around the world?

In fact, there are many different ways of celebrating a lost tooth. Take a look at how the countries and cultures below hon[o]r a missing tooth.

Afghanistan, Russia and Bangladesh: In these countries, children toss lost teeth in a mouse or rat hole to bury them. The hope is they will be given back a strong, healthy, white adult tooth.

Mexico and Spain: Some children in Mexico and Spain don’t all celebrate a small fairy—instead, some believe that a mouse takes their tooth while they sleep and leaves money in its place.

Korea and Taiwan: Some Korean and Taiwanese children have a different tradition that doesn’t involve a fairy or a mouse—instead, they toss their tooth on the roof of their home for good luck, and wish for a healthy, shiny new adult tooth.

China, Vietnam and Cambodia: Similar to Korea and Taiwan but with a different twist, some children in these countries throw lost lower teeth on the roof and place lost upper teeth in the dirt. This way, the new teeth will grow toward the old teeth and erupt straight.

South Africa: While children in the US and Australia place lost teeth under a pillow, some South African children store them in a pair of slippers at bedtime.

Is It Time for a Checkup?

If your child hasn’t seen us in over six months, we recommend booking a checkup and clean with our practice. We’ll make sure their teeth are clean, coming in on time and looking great. Contact us today to book their visit. We can’t wait to see them (and you) in the practice soon.

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