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Why Treat Baby Teeth?

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Addressing tooth decay as early as possible can prevent many serious complications.

If you’ve just found out that your child has a cavity in one of their teeth, you might be asking yourself “Why should I have it treated? It’s only going to fall out anyway!” You wouldn’t be the first person to wonder why we would highly recommend correcting the condition. The truth is, your child’s baby teeth play a very important role and some of them will be in place until your child is 11 or 12 years of age.

They Guide Permanent Teeth into Place

Baby teeth act as guides and spacers so that permanent teeth erupt into just the right place. If the tooth is lost due to decay or infection, it can no longer provide that role. Neighboring teeth then slightly drift or lean in together and can even block the permanent tooth from coming in correctly.

Losing a tooth too early can cause:

  • Permanent teeth to become impacted
  • Orthodontic complications
  • Disruption in other types of treatment

It Prevents Health Complications

An infection in a baby tooth can cause serious complications like damage to the permanent tooth, infections in the face and in rare circumstances… infection in the brain, requiring hospitalization.

Thankfully addressing tooth decay as early as possible can prevent these complications. The quicker your child has access to dental care, the easier and more affordable it will be to improve their smile again.

Is your child complaining of a tooth hurting or is there visible discoloration? It’s time to take care of it as quickly as possible in order to avoid some of the previously mentioned concerns. Call for your child’s dental exam today.

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