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Why Are Dental Visits So Important?


Due for a cleaning? Don’t wait too long to schedule an appointment.

Visiting our practice for regular dental exams every six months isn’t just about checking for new dental decay—it’s about making sure your teeth, gums and entire mouth are healthy and free of disease.

Here are a few things we do when you visit us for your scheduled exams.

1. We give your teeth a professional cleaning.

With specifically designed handheld tools, our dentists and hygienists clean your teeth far better than you’re able to do at home. During a cleaning, we remove plaque from hard to reach areas and get rid of any buildup that has occurred since your last visit.

2. Take measures to prevent decay and gum disease.

Gum disease doesn’t just harm your oral health—it can wreak havoc on your entire body. One of the biggest culprits of its development is insufficient attention to your oral health. The good news is that even for individuals who are more susceptible to gum disease than others, it is usually preventable through proper oral health hygiene.

3. Early detection of oral cancer.

By seeing us regularly, you’re giving yourself the best shot at identifying the early warning signs of oral cancer. If we do detect any symptoms of the disease, we can then recommend you for treatment right away to improve your chances of defeating the disease swiftly. When oral cancer is detected in its early stages, it is entirely curable.

Is it time for your next exam? Schedule an appointment with our practice by giving us a call today.

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