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What’s the Deal With Cavities?


Dealing with tooth pain? You’ll want to schedule an appointment with us to have it checked.

It’s the dreaded C word associated with going to the dentist. Cavities, those unwanted holes in your mouth, represent the destruction of enamel. While prevention through regular brushing, flossing and professional dental cleanings is critical, cavities can still sneak their way into the mouth. If you suspect a cavity, it’s important to visit our practice as soon as possible as a cavity left untreated could lead to decay.

What Causes Cavities?

It’s no secret that cavities are often caused by consuming sugary foods and drinks. The bacteria in your mouth can turn the carbs from foods like bread, candy and soda into acids. The combination of acid, bacteria, food particles and saliva combine to create plaque, which clings to the teeth. The acids that are found in plaque eat away critical enamel. The result: a cavity.

How Are They Treated?

Your dentist will likely use a drill to remove the decayed part of your tooth. Next comes a filling that could be made of a variety of materials: composite resin, porcelain, silver alloy or gold.

Protective Sealants

Regardless of your age, sealants, which are a thin coating that is applied to the teeth, can help reduce your risk of tooth decay. Sealants provide an effective type of protection against plaque and food debris.

Keeping your mouth free of extra holes is easily achievable when you commit to practicing good oral hygiene habits. Brush at least twice a day, floss one or more times daily and visit us for regular checkups.

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