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What Your Mouth Can Reveal About Your Health

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When you’re in good overall health, you can enjoy the things you love more–like spending time with family.

Did you know that your mouth, teeth and gums reveal major clues about your general health? That means that every time you visit our practice for a general check or cleaning, you’re doing more than just protecting your teeth from cavities—in fact, you could be preventing an array of unwanted health problems in your future.

Here are five different ways your oral health and overall health are connected:

1. Studies have shown that gum disease appears to be more prevalent and severe among those who also have diabetes. Individuals with gum disease also have a harder time controlling their blood sugar levels.

2. Routine X-rays taken by your dentist can reveal periodontal bone density and tooth loss, which may be an early indication of osteoporosis.

3. Increased bacteria in your mouth can impact your immune system. The resulting inflammation can affect the entire vascular system, a potential precursor to heart disease.

4. White, yellow or brown spots and grooves or pitting on the enamel surfaces of your teeth may indicate intestinal disease.

5. Mouth ulcers are crater-like sores that appear inside the mouth. They are often signs of stress, hormone imbalance, allergies or a nutritional deficiency.

The next time you visit our practice, remember that you’re working on more than just your oral health. Periodic visits with us can catch little problems before they become serious!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

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