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What Are Implant Overdentures?

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You can feel confident in your smile with implant overdentures.

Implant overdentures are a full mouth prosthesis that doesn’t fit like regular dentures. Instead of using suction to keep them in place, an overdenture clasps onto dental implants placed into the jaw.

Add Stability to Your Smile

Dental implants have become an extremely successful method for tooth replacement. The titanium artificial roots are placed into your jaw, as if they were real teeth. Your body will recognize the titanium as being biocompatible and create new bone around the implant.

This process is called “osseointegration,” and it is what allows dental implants to last as long as your entire lifetime. The added stability enables dental implants to support both fixed and removable prosthetics, such as implant overdentures.

Why Overdentures Work so Well

An overdenture is like a traditional denture with one exception: it snaps onto your dental implants. Usually about four implants are used. Each implant has a housing inside of the overdenture to clasp it firmly into place. At the end of the day you can take your denture out for easy care and maintenance.

The support an overdenture receives from the implants underneath makes it a very comfortable and reliable appliance to wear. You will never need adhesives, pastes, or have to worry about your denture slipping out of place throughout the day. Overdentures are very stable.

Types of Implants

The type of dental implants used to support your overdenture can be traditional or mini implants. Traditional implants are used for other types of tooth replacement and are larger in size — usually about the size of a natural tooth root. Mini dental implants are ideal for people who lack the bone quality or quantity for traditional dental implants. They are also frequently used in healthy individuals for the purpose of denture stabilization.

Your Denture Options

Your choices for a denture prosthesis will depend on the health of your bone. If you have had problems with denture fit in the past, an overdenture may be your best alternative. It may even be possible to retrofit your current denture into one that snaps over dental implants.

If you are considering a new alternative for securing your dentures, ask us whether or not an implant overdenture may be appropriate!

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