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How to Order a Tooth-Friendly Coffee


Can’t stay away from your coffee fix? Order smaller drinks to combat sugar intake.

“I’ll have a large Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with soy milk and extra whipped cream.”

Sound familiar? While a tasty caffeinated treat can work wonders as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, many of our fav[o]rite coffee shop orders are packed full of sugar—something your teeth aren’t too happy about.

If visiting a local coffee shop is a part of your daily routine, consider the following tips for making your go-to beverage more tooth-friendly.

Tip #1: Go Small

Unless you’re drinking your coffee black, it’s typical that the larger the drink, the more sugar you’re consuming. A great way to cut back on the amount of sugar in your drink is to order a smaller cup. This way, you’re still treating yourself—but in moderation.

Tip # 2: Less is More

Many flav[o]red coffee drinks get their high sugar content from the 1, 2, 3 or 10 pumps of syrup added to the drink. On average, just one pump of this flav[o]red syrup equates to five grams of sugar. The less syrup in your drink, the less sugar you’ll be consuming. Asking your barista to cut the number of pumps in half is a great way to minimi[z]e your sugar intake.

Tip #3: Say “No” To Toppings

Many coffee drinks are packed full of more than just coffee—including whipped cream, caramel or chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. Cutting even just one of these “extras” from your drink means less sugar on your teeth.

Even if you cut sugar from your coffee, the dark drink can still leave unwanted stains on your teeth. If you’re able, swap out coffee for tea instead.

Do you have your own tips for cutting back on sugar in your coffee? Share them with others by commenting below.

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