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The Braces Basics

Close-up of a teenage girl smiling with braces

Brushing is the foundation of oral hygiene, especially for patients with braces.

As anyone who has had metal braces can attest to, they can be difficult to keep clean and are prone to lodged food debris between the brackets and wires. Certain foods must also be avoided and caring for braces takes more dedication than simply brushing your teeth.

We’re here to provide you with the hygiene tips you need to take the best care of your braces.

Brushing Habits

Brushing is the foundation of oral hygiene, especially for patients with braces. Because of all the various wires, springs, rubber bands, and brackets, plaque has multiple places it can hide. This makes brushing after each meal even more important for orthodontic patients. If not, circular white decalcifications can permanently develop on the teeth.

Flossing Habits

Although many assume that flossing is much more difficult with braces, it shouldn’t be overlooked as a vital part of oral hygiene. After all, nothing else can clean between your teeth! Without daily flossing, many orthodontic patients will develop cavities between their teeth – even if they’re the best brusher on the planet!

We can advise you on specific techniques that will make flossing easier as well as suggest several flossing products available, especially for those with metal braces. One example is a water flosser, which is easier than using string floss!

Foods to Avoid

Your braces need special time and attention to be cared for properly. Avoiding foods that can harm your braces are no exception. If you’re wearing braces, you should stay away from eating foods that are:

  • Sticky or chewy, such as taffy and caramel
  • Hard, like carrots, nuts, and apples
  • Difficult to eat foods like corn on the cob

Avoiding these foods will prevent them from pulling your braces or damaging the bonding that holds them in place, making sure your braces last as long as you need them to get you your perfect smile.

It’s important to visit us every six months for a cleaning and regular checkups so we can help keep your mouth healthy for life!

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