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Five Fun Facts About Saliva


If it wasn’t for saliva, eating food would be very difficult!

Also known by the not-so-nice names of drool, spit and dribble, saliva serves an important purpose when it comes to keeping your body healthy. Saliva is the antidote to a dry mouth as it adds vital moisture.

Here are some fun facts you may not know about this substance that’s almost entirely comprised of water.

Fact #1: The body produces 2-4 pints of saliva each day. Most saliva is produced in the late afternoon hours, and the smallest amount is made in the evening.

Fact #2: Saliva is critical in allowing you to chew, taste and swallow foods and beverages.

Fact #3: Germ-fighting abilities are one of the benefits of saliva, which can also prevent the dreaded halitosis or bad breath.

Fact #4: Surprisingly, saliva contains important proteins and minerals that help to inhibit gum disease and tooth decay. Saliva also provides a shield of sorts to protect tooth enamel.

Fact #5: Your salivary glands are what produce saliva. These glands rest in the cheek region, close to the bottom of your mouth. They are also found near the front teeth.

How to Deal With Dry Mouth

Some individuals are unable to make sufficient amounts of saliva due to certain diseases or particular medications. Xerostomia or dry mouth can result. Bad breath, increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease may be caused by not producing enough saliva. Older adults, in particular, can be more susceptible to dry mouth. Staying well-hydrated with water, chewing sugarless gum and sucking on sugar-free candy are easy ways to help keep your mouth moist.

What If I Make Too Much Saliva?

If your mouth produces an excessive amount of saliva, it’s usually not cause for concern unless it persists. Having an overactive salivary gland may be the cause of increased saliva production. Swallowing more is a simple way to manage excessive saliva.

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