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Root Canal Now or Later?

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How long is it safe to put off your root canal treatment? Make the right decision, save your smile.

When is it okay to wait for that root canal?

Your dentist just told you that you needed a root canal. Maybe you don’t feel like the tooth even hurts. Are you starting to wonder if there’s a need to hurry up and complete the treatment as soon as it’s recommended? If so, you’re not alone!

Teeth that need root canals often have symptoms or risk factors such as:

  • Previous trauma
  • Abscesses
  • Very deep cavities
  • Cracked roots
  • Internal discoloration

Root Canal Treatments Save Your Smile

A root canal is like a filling that is placed inside of your tooth where the nerve once was. When nerve tissue becomes infected, it causes that infection to spread through the entire nerve chamber, out the root, and an abscess to develop. Allowing it to go untreated can cause destruction to the bone around the tooth, and infection to spread to adjacent teeth.

Active infection inside of the tooth will cause it to break down, ultimately to a point where the tooth is no longer restorable and needs to be extracted. Losing it entirely can create other complications like shifting of your healthy teeth and problems chewing.

Don’t Wait, Preserve Your Tooth

It’s never a good time to put off root canal treatment, even if you don’t feel like the tooth is causing you pain. Many teeth with damaged or infected nerves never have pain at all! By choosing to have your root canal completed as early as possible, you can preserve healthy tooth structure so that the tooth can be easily treated and restored.

Save your smile and don’t put your root canal off any longer! Talk to us to find out more and about how to make your root canal treatment as comfortable as possible.

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