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Power up Your Dental Fitness

Just as you’ve minimized the junk food and increased your workouts, there are healthy habits you can establish for better oral health. You already know to brush twice a day (and floss!), but what are some other routine habits that are great for the health of your teeth?

Water, Water Everywhere

Happy woman drinking water

Drinking water is a great way to keep up your dental fitness.

Water is a natural cleanser and washes away bacteria and acids each time you drink it. Although it’s not an alternative to brushing, drinking water throughout the day will improve your oral and systemic health.

Have Snack Savvy

Sitting down with a bag of chips or soda for a few hours at a time will lengthen the amount of contact time that your teeth have with acidic factors that lead to tooth decay. Instead, sit down with a specific portion size and have it all at one time. Then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water, or brush if you can, as soon as you are finished.

Make Flossing Fun

Using regular floss can get boring, and if you’re bored, you typically aren’t going to do it. Consider picking up some disposable flossers or a water flosser to make flossing more fun and part of your daily routine.

Chew on This

Xylitol is a sugar alternative that helps prevent plaque from building up on the teeth. Chewing it between meals or at different parts of the day can freshen breath, improve your oral hygiene and reduce your risk for tooth decay.

Start Dental Care Early

Bring your child to visit us at an early age to help them avoid complex dental problems later on. Maintain routine visits instead of waiting until you think something is wrong. By this point, the visit could be more painful for the child and more expensive to treat.

Be sure to schedule a regular exam and cleaning with us every six months. We’ll monitor the health of your teeth, examine your existing restorations, and help you pinpoint areas that can be improved for the long-term success of your smile.

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