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Why Aren’t We Born with Perfect Smiles?

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We can fix your overbite or underbite to help your smile look great.

How are your teeth growing in? Unfortunately, many of us face teeth that are crooked, overlap or are missing, often caused by factors outside of our control. One major factor in the alignment of your smile is the presence of a condition such as an overbite or underbite. In both cases, the upper and lower jaws aren’t being allowed to match up properly.

An improper bite, or malocclusion, can cause your teeth to become crooked, wear down or stick out. Most people have some amount of malocclusion, and in many cases don’t need correction. Some of the more serious cases of an underbite or overbite may require dental help.

The Need for a Proper Bite

An overbite is caused by the upper jaw protruding out from the lower jaw. Conversely, an underbite results from a lower jaw that pushes forward, sticking out from the upper jaw. A lack of alignment in your teeth and jaws can affect the way you speak, your ability to breathe and can even affect the way you look. Also, having a bite that isn’t aligned can result in:

  • An inability to chew properly
  • Difficulty with keeping teeth cleaned
  • Straining the jaw muscles and teeth

Many people with overbites or underbites feel self-conscious about the way their smile looks. Although the primary cause of these conditions is due to genetics, some other possible causes include the loss of teeth, gingivitis, injury, thumb sucking and improper dental restorations.

Want to love the way you look when you smile? Don’t let an overbite or underbite be the reason you don’t. Schedule a time to visit us today!

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