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Do You Have Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Man eating spicy food.

Do You Have Burning Mouth Syndrome?

We’re sure you’ve probably taken a bite of food at one point or another that’s left your mouth feeling burned.

But did you know that for some people, experiencing a hot or burning sensation in the mouth happens without ever taking a bite of piping-hot food?

Burning Mouth Syndrome, also known as BMS, can affect any part of your oral cavity, including the palate, tongue, and lips. If eating food that’s too hot isn’t the case, what could it be?

Doctors have concluded that sufferers of BMS experience changes in the way messages sent from nerves in the mouth to the brain are received. So, if a person with this condition takes a bite of food, or applies a lip balm, the normal function of the nerve signals are disrupted, resulting in a feeling of burning or pain.

Common Causes

While the verdict is out on the exact cause of BMS, some professionals believe possible causes could be related to:

  • Immune system problems
  • Hormonal changes
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Allergies to dentures, oral devices, or toothpastes
  • Poorly fitting oral appliances
  • Nerve damage relating to pain and taste

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