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Are Tooth Colored Fillings Better?

Here’s 3 reasons why…

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Composite material blends right in with the rest of your teeth.

Tooth colored composite dental fillings are an excellent choice when it comes to restoring your smile. What people once considered to be a “cosmetic” treatment is now the preferred treatment method for repairing areas of tooth decay.

They Look Great

Composite material blends right in with the rest of your teeth. Each filling is color-matched to your enamel, so that no one can see it once it’s put in place. This makes it much easier to restore teeth that are in the front of the mouth, or that show when you smile.

They Preserve the Maximum Amount of Tooth Possible

Older styles of silver fillings require additional tooth preparation to hold them into place. Composite fillings are able to actually fuse with your tooth enamel, so that the bonding process holds them into place. The material can also be shaped so that it helps to re-create the natural structure of the tooth. Because of this, they’re perfect for placing on smooth areas or even the chipped edges of teeth.

They Make Teeth Stronger

The materials used inside of composite fillings contain fluoride minerals that are gradually expelled into the tooth after the filling is placed. Not only does this prevent new tooth decay from forming around your filling, it also helps your teeth become stronger in the process.

If you need a filling and have questions about what’s best for your smile, give us a call!

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