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Dentistry for Special Needs Patients

Dentists are committed to serving the needs of all of our youngsters, including those with any special needs, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, or developmental. Our staff is specially trained to diagnose dental conditions and to treat all the special needs patients that belong to our practice family.

Special needs dentistry

Sometimes a dental office visit is harder on the parent of a special needs child than it is on the special needs patient.

If you are a parent or care giver to a special needs child, and you need more information on dentistry for special needs children, please do not hesitate to give a dentist in your area a call.

Making Dental Visits Easier for All Concerned

There are a number of ways to make your special needs child’s dental visits more tolerable for all concerned – your child, you, and the dental staff.

Here are some valuable suggestions:

  • If your child relates well to one particular hygienist – stay with that one and request that hygienist when you make an appointment for your child’s periodic cleaning and exam.
  • Try to explain to your child, in the simplest of terms, what they can expect. Use picture books to explain to your child what will happen when they visit the dentist office.
  • Select an appointment time when you believe your child will be most relaxed.
  • Bring along some “busy-time” activities to keep your child calm and telexed whenever there’s a waiting period during treatment.
  • Practice good oral hygiene at home to set an example for your child to follow, and then be sure he or she follows it to keep plaque build up to a minimum so cleanings go more smoothly.

Watch Your Attitude and Reactions

Sometimes a dental office visit is harder on the parent of a special needs child than it is on the special needs patient! Often, parents anticipate the worst and transfer their own fears and apprehensions to their child.

Sometimes it’s best to leave your special needs child in the capable hands of the dentist, while you relax and read in our reception area! Don’t be insulted if that suggestion is made, it might just be the right one for all concerned!

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