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Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist for you and your family is very important. Because the dentist-patient relationship is usually one that is long lasting, it’s important to take the time to list what really matters to you in choosing the right dentist.

Our member dentists know what’s important to their patients – and provide them with excellent care, a listening ear and plenty of TLC when they need it too!

We invite you to take us for a “test drive”!

We invite you to take us for a “test drive”!

If you want to “interview” them, that fine too. Give a call anytime to set up a consultation.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dentist

You may want to consider the following questions in trying to select the most appropriate dentist for you and your family:

  • What does the dentist’s education, training, specialty training, and clinical experience consist of? How long has he/she been in practice?
  • How long do you typically have to wait to get an appointment?
  • How are emergencies handled?
  • When and to whom does the dentist refer?
  • What payment plans does the practice offer? Is insurance accepted? Does the office handle submission of claim forms or is that your responsibility?
  • How does the dentist keep up with changes in dentistry or learn about new techniques?
  • Does he/she participate in any type of continuing education?
  • Is he/she a member of any local, State or national dental association?
  • What types of patient comfort and convenience items are available (i.e., in-room television, sedation dentistry, nitrous oxide, massage, pillows and blankets)?
  • Is state-of-the-art equipment available (i.e., lasers vs. drills)?
  • Where is the practice located in terms of where you live?
  • Are patient references, “before” and “after” pictures, and/or patient testimonials available?
  • Has the doctor been recommended to you by someone whom you know and trust?

It may help to ask the dentist that you are considering, if an initial consultation, to discuss your current dental situation, is available at no cost.

This gives you an opportunity to “size up” the dentist, staff, waiting time (i.e., is the dentist “double-booking” every appointment so he/she is always running behind?), types of patients seen, etc. You want to leave this visit feeling as though this is the practice for you; you’re eager to return to begin your treatment.

Weigh All Options Carefully

Never settle for the closest, cheapest or most readily available dentist. If you get an immediate appointment, without the mention of any cancellation, you may be making a big mistake! Take the time to thoroughly evaluate your options – it makes all the difference in the world…and in your smile!

Take a Test Drive!

Patients who have visited a member dentist tell us they chose that particular practice because they were highly recommended by neighbors and friends and they felt at home and comfortable as soon as they walked through their doors.

Give a participating dentist near you a call to arrange a tour of their facility and meet with them for a consultation.

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