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Dental Care

The best way to keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime is to take care of them properly today. After all, it’s only one set of 32 permanent teeth to a customer and it’s up to you to keep them in tip top shape so they last.

Dental care

Good oral health includes preventing tooth decay by properly brushing, flossing, using a fluoride supplement, and regular dental check-ups.

There are ways to prevent tooth decay, which include proper daily brushing and flossing and periodic dental checkups with a participating dentist near you. However, despite the very best oral hygiene at home, it’s still necessary to have routine professional cleanings with a dental hygienist who can provide the type of “deep cleaning” that you can’t achieve on your own at home.

The hygienist and a participating dentist near you can also provide you with expert post-visit care instructions regarding the proper way to brush and floss your teeth and gums to keep them healthy from visit to visit.

Your local participating dentist may also recommend fluoride treatments, especially if your water supply contains inadequate levels of fluoride. These treatments are especially beneficial for children who are prone to tooth decay because of their diets and the fact that they may not brush and floss as well as they should.

Sometimes, despite even the best care, patients experience tooth pain or notice inflammation or an abscess in their gums that may signal infection of the tooth root. If this is the case, a participating dentist may recommend root canal therapy to relieve pain and clear up the infection.

Don’t be squeamish! Root canal therapy today is no more painful than having a tooth filled. After clearing the tooth root of all infection, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it.

Keep in mind that a participating dentist near you is the best person to consult when you have any concerns about your teeth and gums. All of the participating dentists near you are committed to offering the best there is in dental care so you can keep all your teeth…and that winning smile…for a lifetime!

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